Ficos : The IT expert of the construction industry

Our company

Ficos Luxembourg is the IT company of the construction group called HP-Linden, in Saint-Vith. Our mission is to optimize the processes of construction companies through the following action plan:

  • Audit of your existing system
  • Installation of products adapted to your company
  • We support you in the use of our products (coaching – training)

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the operational management of all parties in the construction sector.

In other words, Ficos hopes to proliferate and become the market leader in IT for the construction sector in Belgium and Luxembourg in the coming years. We also hope to expand our activity abroad, although we are already present in many countries around the world.

Product editor : the HIT range by Ficos

We publish and market the “HIT” product range, which optimizes all flows for all types of construction companies.

Construction ERP software

Ficos offers you Hit-Office software for contractors, architects, installers, and developers. Hit-Office consists of a wide range of custom modules to meet the needs of companies.

Ficos also publishes the Hit-Tracking geolocation system, which allows vehicles, personnel, and tools to be geolocated. Hit-Tracking offers different traceability technologies to meet the customer’s needs.

Geolocation system for tools, vehicles and staff
Mobile ERP software on smartphone and tablet

Ficos also develops various mobile applications for construction sites. Hit-Mobile is a construction site application that allows you to manage your construction sites from your mobile device. The Hit-Stock solution allows you to manage your stock from a smartphone by a scanning system.

Ficos also specializes in the development of WEB solutions. Hit-Market is a price request platform between contractors and subcontractors that allows you to send and complete the measurement directly and transfer documents.

Quotation request and price offer market platform