How do I analyze all my clocking data?

There are severals was to analyze the data:


1. To access the data, connect to the platform with your login details

Through the “Hit-Clock” or “Hit-Tracking” website

2. Geolocation of clockings

The item is visible as a vehicle. The “man” symbol is: green if check-in, red if check-out, blue if badging via a vehicle with tracker applicom.

The tooltip (mouse over icon) indicates more information: time, employee, clocking at the point of interest or not, estimated position or not,…

3. The event history

Check-in/check-out events are available via the “Item” menu or the “Staff” menu:

3 possibilities are available to you:

  1. Valid check-in/check-out (received position and actual position in POI)
  2. Exterior position: position received but outside POIs
  3. Estimated position: no position received so the position of the item is in the center of the POI

4. Reports in points of interest

The “status” of the check-in/check-out is included in the report (exterior position, estimated position). If valid, nothing more is displayed.

Note: The “Staff members” option must be checked during the search.

5. Employee reports

In the “Staff members” tab, you can find the activity report of a specific staff member. This report can be daily, weekly, monthly or made by customized filters.

You will then have as information:

  1. Check-in/Check-out clocking times
  2. The working time
  3. The distance covered
  4. The point of departure and place of arrival (with the position in or out of the POIs)
  5. The break times